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Trails of Glitter - NE

Interchangeable Wagon (NEW Open Front) Shelf Sitter Base

Interchangeable Wagon (NEW Open Front) Shelf Sitter Base

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Interchangeable Wagon (NEW Open Front) Shelf Sitter Base

What is different about the NEW Open Front Wagon: You no longer need a riser because the side has been opened. This makes it to where you can see more of inserts as a whole. This wagon comes with 4 different sizes (two sets of each size) of hooks so you are able to place the front tag at the height you would like it. ****This does mean that you will need to keep these out as you change inserts. As the insert sets come with the standard hook only. More hooks can be purchased for a small cost as well***

These bases are meant to be used in conjunction with the interchangeable add on collections. You can use it to celebrate holidays, themes, celebrations and décor.

This is for the base only, add on décor must be purchased separately 

This base is the wagon. The wagon itself has a removable riser that accompanies it so that the add on decor can be more visibly seen.

It has been made by laser cutting baltic birch ply. It is approximately 13" wide, 6.5" tall and is 2" deep. Making it a great addition to your current décor with out taking up too much room! 

As with all handmade pieces no two are identical with wood and painting. It has been painted/stained and sealed with a satin finish.

Made to Order items take 3-5 business days for the item to be made and will be then shipped or ready or pick up. Ready to ship items will ship in 1 business day.

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